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The JUCKER HAWAII Skimboard OHANA (Hawaiian for Family) is great to be used in the ocean as well as on lakes and rivers.

With a Skimboard you never depend on the wave forecast ever again. Skimboarding is easy to learn even if you are not a surfer or skateboarder.

You throw your board down in very shallow waters and jump on it while running. Now you are gliding on the water. The more advanced you are the faster you can run with your board. Skimboarding is never boring as riders never run out of new tricks to learn

There are many videos on YouTube about Skimboarding even from your local pond.


  • The board is manufactured in 5 layers of poplar wood
  • JUCKER HAWAII Logo 3D laser on top
  • Measurements: 97,5 cm long 52 cm wide and 0,7 cm thick, perfect for riders of all ages and weight class (40 - 90Kg)
  • We decided not put any graphics on the board to highlight the natural beauty of the wood
  • This is a top quality skimboard ideal for beginners and intermediate

Enjoy Your Ride!

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