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produttore: JUCKER HAWAII

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The Homerider is more than just a balance trainer. The Homerider is fun sport for the whole family. It is simply fun for everyonea and the muscle core areas are trained quite incidentally.

Ardent board sportsmen and balance athletes have already invented a whole arsenal of tricks on the homerider. The Homerider stands not only for good training, but also for a lot of fun.

The design of homerider Ka Puna shows a Hawaiian flower chain on a black background. The outer wood layers are bleached black so that small scratches are less noticeable. The upper side was made non-slip with a clear Sugargrip, so you can see the lasered Jucker Hawaii logo.

The board is made of a birch construction and can withstand loads over 100kg.


Balance Board KA PUNA

  • Anchura: 430 mm
  • Longitud: 750 mm
  • Peso: 3.15 kg
  • Material: 10 capas de abedul


  • Longitud: 470 mm
  • Diámetro: 165 mm
  • Espesor: 8 mm


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