JUCKER HAWAII Balance Board Homerider NEO

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Balance Cushion

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JUCKER HAWAII Balance Board Homerider Neo

The JUCKER HAWAII Homerider Neo is taking us back into the sixties, when skateboarding barefoot was normal. We asked ourselves what could be more cool than standing on a Homerider bare feet, being comfortable and still have a good grip? This brought us to the neoprene, so we added a 5mm neoprene on top of the board.

This high quality material offers a great grip and feels amazing on the feet. As all our Homeriders the board is manufactured from strong birch wood in 10 layers. For additional grip we added 2 grip stripes on the bottom of the board, for better contact with the barrel. Both ends of the board are equipped with 2 stoppers so the board won’t slip off the barrel.

The JUCKER HAWAII Homerider is an effective training tool for any kind of athletes. Most board sport athletes use Homeriders for their cross-training, strengthening the core and thigh muscles, while increasing their sense of balance at the same time.

The Homerider Neo is a great board that offers great comfort when doing exercise especially for all bare feet lovers.

Find your Balance!

* Note: Do not use the Homerider on a smooth surface, always ride it on a piece of carpet or a mat for a secure stance.

Balance Board NEO

  • Larghezza: 430 mm
  • Lunghezza: 750 mm
  • Peso: 3.4 kg
  • Superficie: Neoprene
  • Materiale: 10 strati di betulla


  • Lunghezza: 470 mm
  • Diametro: 165 mm
  • Spessore: 8 mm

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